Our Premiere Issue Jan02

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Our Premiere Issue

Greetings and salutations, and welcome to the premiere issue of the brand new Pyxis Magazine! We’re happy to see you here.

Pyxis Mag is a project I’ve been pondering for quite some time. For musicians such as myself – or, actually, anyone in a creative field – it can be difficult to find a day job that allows you time to… well, create. Writing has been that day job for me, for the past eight years. And, as a result, I’ve grown to really enjoy writing as its own entity separate from songwriting.

Now, via Pyxis Mag, I hope to introduce you to some of the people, talents, and things that I (and some ‘specially-selected fellow writer friends) think are terrific. Pyxis Mag will have a strong emphasis on music, but we’ll also be making stops at film, gear, travel, style, and other topics, and we hope you’ll enjoy all of it.

Pyxis Mag will be monthly ‘issues’ that will hit the net the beginning of each month, with more content added as the month progresses. We’ll be growing throughout the year, too – adding new features, menu channels, and other surprises, so Pyxis Mag will always be fresh, interesting, and fun to read.

For our first issue, I’d like to especially thank Will St. Germain for his never-ending smarts and support (and exceptional craft services!) The esteemed web guru Shaun O’Neil for coding and design assistance well beyond the call of friendship duty. Our many friends who have been cheering along Pyxis Mag as we put it together. Our friendly web host, US3D. And these standout labels/PR firms, who gave a fledgling web magazine a chance by giving us early access to some amazing musicians and products:

Big Hassle
Crooked House Mgmt
Fleur Fragrance
Force Field PR
Fresh and Clean Media
Manage This Media
Max Borges Agency
Motormouth Media
Russell Carter Artist Mgmt
Studiotone Music
Stunt Company
Tell All Your Friends PR
Universal Music

We welcome your feedback and ideas for Pyxis Mag, and do hope you’ll find it to your liking.

Thank you for reading!

Kristi Kates
Editor in Chief