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Lisa Loeb Stays

She’s a singer-songwriter, plays guitar and piano, and is perhaps best known for her breakthrough hit (and number one single), “Stay (I Missed You),” which served as one of the theme songs for the 1994 Ethan Hawke/Winona Ryder movie Reality Bites, a paean to the 20-something (at the time) slackers of Generation X. “Stay” was also accompanied by a buzz video directed all in one unedited take by none other than Ethan Hawke himself, in which Loeb wanders through her New York apartment earnestly singing to the lens.

While she’s continued to be selective about her projects, Lisa Loeb’s onscreen time has barely dwindled since then. She’s continued to produce snappily-written, melodic albums of songs, all sung in her distinctive, wistful voice. And she’s worked on plenty of side ventures, too, including her Camp Lisa non-profit, her voice work as Spidey’s girlfriend in MTV’s Spider-Man cartoon reboot, and her adorable line of glasses. She even had her own reality show for a while – Number One Single, a play on both Loeb’s success with “Stay” and her then-single status on the dating scene.

But the number one question that we found her fans wanted to know is – when is Lisa Loeb releasing another album?

“My next album should be out this year,” Loeb says. “It’s inspired by, and produced with, Chad Gilbert from New Found Glory. It’s a punky, poppy, rock album mixed by Brad Wood and full of original songs; I’m just figuring out when the best time to release it will be.”

There you go, Loeb fans. Now stop all your calls and letters, kthxbye.

We kid, of course. But coincidentally, Loeb herself was a kid – literally – when she started writing songs.

“My songwriting has always worked the same way ever since I was 6,” she explains. “Sometimes melodies in my head move me to write, sometimes concepts, sometimes words or phrases that appear in my head, sometimes something that someone asks me to write inspire me.  It’s very abstract sometimes and other times very specific in terms of what I want to write about, and usually written on guitar, but sometimes with piano as a way to shake up my brain a little bit.”

On stage, Loeb likes to challenge herself further, by pulling songs both old and new into her setlists.

“I love playing “Stay” in concert,” she says, “since it’s the number one most requested song, and it is like traveling through time for me.  I also like playing some of the songs from Camp Lisa like “It’s Not Goodbye,” as it’s emotional and reminds me of my days at summer camp.  I like “Going Away” since it’s a brain twister- so many words!  And I like playing melancholy songs like “Jake” and “Falling In Love” too.”

Loeb, in her spare time (does she have any?), also enjoys writing and posting online about food almost as much as she enjoys working on her music. But that’s not an old ‘date Lisa’ pitch from her TV series past; she’s happily settled down with Conan O’Brien’s Music Production Supervisor, Roey Hershkovitz, and now has a definitive shortlist (well, long list, really) of foodstuffs – and other travel accessories – that she needs to have with her while on tour.

“I have to have carrots, cheese, pretzels, water, almond butter, toast, and super strong coffee with milk and sugar on tour,” Loeb begins. “I also love Fuji apples, cucumbers, spinach and kale. I save the less healthy things for special occasions, and always look for great Thai food or burritos or other local specialties, like fried pies in Oklahoma or bagels in NYC,” she lists. “I need my pillow from home, and I also need my photos of my family and my walking shoes: I have to keep moving when I’m on the road, since a lot of time is spend sitting around, driving, or flying.” Sounds like the deceptively tiny Loeb is going to need to go shopping for a bigger suitcase – and perhaps a food cooler.

Currently scheduling some selected live shows on the West Coast, Loeb is making plans to tour in support of her new album when it’s released – and says she’s already introducing fans to some of her newest songs.

“I’ll be touring – I can’t wait to share more music,” she says, “come see me play live in the meantime, because I always play a few new songs during my set.” – Kristi Kates

For more info on Lisa Loeb and her music, visit her official website.