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Delta Spirit

“We’ve told many stories about how we got our name,” says Delta Spirit’s Brandon Young by way of explanation. “Stories from that it’s some uncle’s taxidermy shop, to some guy on the street yelling. The fact is, it’s just a name that kind of stuck,” he grins.

Young, along with bandmates Mathew Vasquez, Jon Jameson, Will Mclaren, and Kelly Winwrich (Sean Walker left a few years ago to pursue other projects, but still does artwork for the band), has been working diligently to maintain the Delta Spirit name – and the band’s solid rep – via their new upcoming eponymously-titled album, which is set to hit stores and MP3 outlets the 13th of this month.

Delta Spirit offers more eclectic sounds than the band’s previous efforts, due in part, Young explains, to some outside influences that contributed to a new recording approach.

“(Songwriting-wise), it’s always different,” he says. “Usually a skeleton of a song is made and we take that in the studio. Then we do everything we can to destroy it – replace a guitar part with a piano or some weird noise just to keep things interesting. On (2010’s) History From Below, we were able to explore a little more because of some of the gear we got to use, and other people were in the picture bringing some ideas to the table as well which challenge us to go deeper with crazy sounds and new ways to record.”

“With this new record, we took that formula to the next level,” Young continues. “We demoed for six months, prior to weeding out songs and lyrics. It was great. We were really prepared this time around and were able to utilize the time with cooler tones, and (new) keyboards, plus some of the weirdest caveman drums that I’ve ever seen. We are really proud of this record.”

The band looked at ‘tons of studios all around the world’ to record Delta Spirit in. Upon hitting the opportunity to work with Chris Coady (TV on the Radio/Architecture in Helsinki/We Are Scientists), they decided to focus on Dreamland Studios in Woodstock, New York.

“We always seem to get out of the city and away from distractions when we record,” Young says. “The studio is housed in what was once St. John’s Church, which was built in 1896. It’s gorgeous. Tons of great gear and a funny staff make the place perfect. We slept in cabins, went on hikes, fought off the bugs and the heat and really enjoyed ourselves up there.”

They plan to carry that enjoyment right onto the road, with a tour started this month and a plan to – ahem – “work their arses off” on the road.

“We didn’t tour much on History from Below, and so we’re making up for it now,” Young says, “there’s a great energy with these new songs that makes them really fun to play. We have tons of stuff on stage as it is, and we just keep adding to the pile – not to mention we’re taking a giant lighting rig out on this next tour that makes the last one look like a few ceiling lights. We just keep stepping things up, even if it comes out of our own pockets.” – Kristi Kates

Find out more about Delta Spirit at their official website.