Rainy Day Songs Apr02

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Rainy Day Songs

Thom Yorke | And It Rained All Night
Riding in the rain, on a train, with Radiohead’s frontman, musically pondering how a simple change in the weather can wash a City clean.

Travis | Why Does It Always Rain on Me
Don’t worry, Fran Healy, it’ll be okay. Your future will always be bright, because you’ll keep writing gorgeous, perfectly-honed Britpop songs like this one.

Echo and the Bunnymen | Ocean Rain
So many watery metaphors woven into one shoegazy, cloudy song about hurricanes, troubled relationships, and the ship they rode in on.

The Beatles | Rain
It actually sounds a bit too jolly for an overcast day, but according to The Beatles, when it starts to rain, everything’s the same.

Garbage | Only Happy When It Rains
It’s not the most chipper rainy-day song in the world – actually, it’s more about a stormy mood than about a rainy day – either way, it’s darned catchy.

Peter Gabriel | Red Rain
This song immediately conjures up a pensive, weather-warning mood, from the dark storyline to the burbling synths that keep the pace.

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