Flower Songs May01

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Flower Songs

Kaiser Chiefs | Flowers in the Rain
The Chiefs’ exclusive cover version of this song by Birmingham, England ’60s band The Move  is choppy, peppy, and a tiny bit punky. Now throw on your Doc Martens and go for a May stroll, wouldja?

Travis | Flowers in the Window
A sunny, breezy literal ode to those springtime days when flowers seem to be popping up everywhere from parks and highway medians to windowboxes – sung with charm and sincerity, this one’s impossible to resist.

Oasis | (What’s the Story) Morning Glory
There are several different Gallagher-fueled stories behind the meaning of this song, but in the spring, it doesn’t matter much – take a little time to wake up, wake up, and just focus on that happy, flowery beat.

Mazzy Star | Blue Flower
By “blue” flower, Mazzy Star means sad flower (are you surprised?)  – but this pretty song about not being cool enough to be with your crush is perfect for the odd melancholy spring evening, pining away after lost loves.

The Foundations | Build Me Up Buttercup
A little classic retro flair for our list, The Foundations sing of rejection, too – just in a much more cheerful fashion.  This one’s especially great if you have a convertible or sunroof – it’s so old now, it’s actually cool to blast it out of your car again.

Eels | Flower
Speaking of sad, E of Eels sings an image of flowers in a hailstorm as a metaphor for the world crushing pretty things. Erhm – well – the song itself isn’t as depressing as we just made it sound. Really.

Regina Spektor | The Flowers
Russian-American singer-songwriter Spektor is holding on to flowers from an old boyfriend on this track (as many of us do), simply and effectively backing up her unique singing with a catchy piano trill.

Fran Healy | Buttercups
Travis’ frontman Healy is back on our list with one of his solo singles, and all he has are buttercups – no fancy bouquets, girls, the stores were all closed. Hey, at least he’s trying.

Stevie Wonder | Power Flower
This rarely-heard track from The Secret Life of Plants finds Stevie unearthing (ha, pun intended) a Power Flower whose job is to (duh) protect all the flowers. Right on!

Talking Heads | Nothing But Flowers
This modern, bubbly equivalent to Joni Mitchell’s “Big Yellow Taxis” warns of the loss of flowers to cement parking lots, sung by David Byrne with so much panache you’ll want to start a protest march around your local big box store.

Wilco | Forget the Flowers
No matter what your fave flower (carnations, daffodils, etc.), Wilco’s got ’em all covered with this folky, poppy foot-stomper, even if they’re a little cranky about it.

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