Monday Music News May07

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Monday Music News

BEASTIE BOY Adam Yauch is our sad headline this week. The Beastie known as MCA passed away this past weekend of the cancer that he’s been battling for several years now. One of the founders of the groundbreaking hip-hop trio, the talented Yauch, along with Beastie-mates Adam Horovitz (Ad-Rock) and Mike Diamond (Mike D) expanded upon innovations like musical sampling with the Beasties’ unique blend of rock and rap; their music, including such edgy, catchy hits as “Intergalactic” and “No Sleep Till Brooklyn,” which cut across both genres and generations. Yauch’s last album with the Beasties was Hot Sauce Committee Part Two. In his later years, he became both a Buddhist and an advocate for the Free Tibet movement. He will be missed by fellow musicians and fans alike.

BENICASSIM’S 2012 Festival is set to hit beachside Spain July 12-15 this year, and they’ve added in more participation events (dance, theater, sculpture, and short-film contests) in addition to the usual expected music performances and food vendors. We’ll let you be surprised by the food, but we can give you a sneak peek at this year’s music lineup, which will include the likes of Bombay Bicycle Club, Crystal Castles, David Guetta, Florence and the Machine, Dizzee Rascal, Noel Gallagher, The Stone Roses, and The Maccabees on its roster.

ARCTIC MONKEYS’ new single “R U Mine?” might be thought of as an indicator of the direction that their next album is going in… or it might not. The band said in a recent interview that “R U…” and “Electricity” are pretty much standalone singles that are not likely to show up on the new album they’re currently working on, and that, in fact, the next Arctic Monkeys album is looking like it’s going to be a much more peppy set of songs. There’s no release date yet specified for the Monkeys’ fifth disc, but in the meantime you can snag the “R U…” single on purple vinyl.

PYXIS POINTS |  Bon Iver’s former bandmate, Christopher Porterfield (in the now defunct Wisconsin band DeYarmond Edison) has launched his own indie-folk-rock band, Field Report, whose debut album will drop soon | Death Cab for Cutie will kick off a short summer tour on July 3 in Cleveland, Ohio, with the dates concluding on August 22 in Honolulu, Hawaii | Metric will take to the road themselves in the fall as support for their upcoming June album, Synthetica | Ten early George Harrison tracks, primarily demos and early takes of songs, are being released as the new album Early Takes, Volume 1 | Mumford and Sons report that they have finally completed recording on their sophomore album | And ten years after their last studio album, Rock Steady, No Doubt are set to return with their as-yet-untitled new set, which is due in stores on September 25 on Interscope Records  – Kristi Kates