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The Nights of fun.

Founded in NYC and now hearing their latest songs being played everywhere from radio to adverts are upstart indie-popsters fun. (yes, that’s lower-case, with a period, thankyouverymuch), whose – sorry – fun mix of baroque pop, hip-hop, and theatrics is snagging them new fans left and right.

The buzz band are currently promoting their sophomore album, Some Nights, with an extensive tour set to keep them steadily on the road through the end of this year, both in the U.S. and abroad. And according to the band’s multi-instrumentalist Andrew Dost, it’s a wild jump in popularity that they hoped for, but never really expected.

“I think the broader exposure is due to a lot of things,” Dost explains. “We’ve been touring as fun. for nearly four years now, and we’ve seen a gradual increase of fans along the way, which has been amazing and has sustained us. But more recently, having our song on Glee and in the Super Bowl commercial really took things to a different level.”

A level amped up even more by not only the band’s newfound visibility, but also contributions from album producer Jeff Bhasker (Jay-Z, Bruno Mars)  and quirky singer/performer Janelle Monáe, who added vocals to fun.’s latest single (“we’re really honored that she’s a part of it,” Dost enthuses.) Another component of the album’s success is likely the band’s focused approach, which followed a specific thematic thread as well as a razor-sharp aim at the tracklist-editing process.

“There’s definitely a theme throughout the album,” Dost explains, “I wouldn’t call it a concept album by any means, but I think any time you write an album over a short period of time, a lot of similar lyrical ideas and musical themes will surface multiple times, just because that’s where your head is.”

fun., Dost says, had decided on the title and album theme early on, which he says made it easier to fit the songs in and make sure the album worked as a whole. And work it has, given the continuing attention that fun. are getting, which expanded even more this summer with their festival appearances at the likes of Sasquatch and Chicago’s landmark Lollapalooza fest earlier this month.

“In general, the album is about being a different ‘person’ on any given night,” he says, “I think that’s something that everybody goes through – depending on the group of people I’m with, I’ll behave in a completely different way.  There were actually only a few songs that got cut or abandoned – we chose these songs because they captured that particular moment in our lives better than the others that we had been working on.”  – Kristi Kates