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Time and Energy

Taking aim at their upcoming full length effort, Strange Kind of Focus (the follow-up to their 2011 set, Entertainica), California indie-loop-rockers Time and Energy have a long list of musical influences, which filter into their own songs like jigsaw puzzle pieces (you know, the 1000-piece boxes you used to work on during the long, boring days of summer camp…)

“Musically we’re inspired by jazz to blues to rock to pop, folklore to electronica, hip-hop, punk – whatever sounds good,” explains Time and Energy’s Brennan Roach, he of the drums/keys/bass/guitar and clarinet.

“It’s difficult to describe our sound when really our goal is trying to get away from any description,” he says, “but when it comes to people or bands that influence us, it would be Ian Mackaye, Kurt Vonnegut, Radiohead, Aphex Twin, Radiation 4, Taken, Beck, Charles Mingus, Tom Waits, Alan Watts, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Yes, Pink Floyd, Ornette Coleman, Dave Brubeck, Battles,MF Doom, and Don Caballero – to say the least.”


Roach met his bandmate, Jorge Rios (he of the vocals/guitar/keys/bass, percussion and glockenspiel), in school, where they found plenty of common ground.

“We both met in middle school in Santa Ana (California) in 2000, and soon found out that we lived really close to each other. We started hanging out more often,” Roach explains. “At the time we were both heavily into the same music, and we’d listen to albums constantly.”

When Roach discovered that Rios had a guitar in his room, his next thought was “let’s form a band.” Years later – after their first band had broken up – they decided to forge a new goal.

“With only two people left – us – we decided to buy loop pedals, and started pounding away at writing songs with this technique,” he explains.

Expanding on that technique became the foundation of what would become their new album.

“We’d never recorded a full album ourselves, on our own, just the two of us,” Roach explains, “and we had the idea of renting a house out in the woods to record. From there, we started saving up for recording equipment. Thanks to craigslist, we found most of what we needed along with a guy in California who was willing to rent his house out to us for 20 days – the place was on over 100 acres of forest in total seclusion. It was amazing.”

Before going to their new, middle-of-nowhere recording studio, the pair planned out most of their songs with scratch tracks, and upon arrival started with the drums, then stacking all of the other parts on top as overdubs.

“With, of course, critical thinking ahead on how we’d be able to play the songs live,” Roach says.

After their 20 days had expired, they went up to Oakland, California to work with Eli Crews, who had mixed the newest tUnE-yArDs album.

“We were pretty stoked to work with him,” Roach enthuses.

With no premeditated theme to the album (“other than to write something cool and interesting and thought-provoking,” Roach says), Time and Energy’s roundup of new songs offers something for every fan, from the jittery pep of “DaDaDa” to the scratchy folktronica of “Tree Salad.” And once they get a new tour van, they plan to take these new tracks on the road.

“We look forward to playing these songs live, mostly because the challenge of playing them meets our abilities as musicians,” Roach says. “And touring takes you out of your normal environment and puts you in a different one almost on a daily basis, and that’s just exciting. That’s ideal.”

To find out more about Time and Energy, visit their official Facebook.