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Bronze Radio Return

With a new album on the way in February of next year, an inimitable audio approach that fuses rock, folk, and the blues into their indie-Americana sound, and a rapidly growing fan base amidst the tv/film soundtrack set, East Coast band Bronze Radio Return are creating a buzz that’s kept them busy from Maine to Oklahoma.

But we know you really want to know just as much as we did – what’s up with the unusual band name?

“The name Bronze Radio Return was inspired by an actual radio I grew up listening to in my father’s art studio in Maine,” explains the band’s Chris Henderson. “He had, and still has, this beautiful old bronze tube radio that we spent hours listening to and learning about traditional American styles. It was there that I was introduced to everything from Chicago Blues to early Soul to Honky Tonk Country. When we formed the band we realized that everyone had some kind of ‘Bronze Radio’ that they listened to and learned about music, so we decided that our band would be the return of the Bronze Radio, with a focus on developing music that influenced us growing up.”

Got it.

Frontman Henderson and his bandmates seem to have honed in on that radio dial to find their own turning point with their album SHAKE!SHAKE!SHAKE!, which they recorded in Norman, Oklahoma with producer Chad Copelin.

“It was an awesome experience, and our band has a love and trust for Chad and his approach to music,” Henderson says, “we spent roughly a month tracking the songs, and the album was later mixed in Seattle by John Goodmanson.”

SHAKE!SHAKE!SHAKE! quickly gained fans upon its release, hitting the CMJ Top 200, and seeing its songs licensed by American Idol and Anthony Bourdain’s Travel Channel show, The Layover, as well as in commercials for Polo Ralph Lauren, HBO, Behr Paint, and Hollister. The title track’s latest snag is as the theme song for Nissan’s new Leaf campaign, which just kicked off this fall.

It’s all a bit surreal, in Henderson’s eyes.

“It’s a wonderfully bizarre and cool thing to hear our music used in various TV applications,” he chuckles, “even if I feel like I am always the last person to see it!”

Well, he might just have to get used to it, if Bronze Radio Return’s next album spawns as many catchy tracks as SHAKE!SHAKE!SHAKE! did. The band spent a good chunk of their summer vacation on a farm in rural Virginia, where they tracked a brand new lineup of songs.

“The setting was super-removed, and very conducive to the focus we needed to tackle the album,” Henderson explains. “With all the albums that we’ve done so far, we try to find a location that is out of our element, and removed from our normal settings.”

“I think it works best when everyone lives and breathes the album, and no one leaves until it’s finished,” he grins.  – Kristi Kates