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Ivan and Alyosha

“The tour has been great!” enthuses Ivan and Alyosha’s bass player, Pete Wilson. “We played a few cities for the first time, and were shocked with the amount of people. New York and Minneapolis have always been good to us – but it’s when we headline Fargo, North Dakota for the first time, and a bunch of folks show up – that’s when we are really taken aback.”

With tracks like “Beautiful Lie” and “Be Your Man” – two of Wilson’s personal faves, he says, to play live – it’s no wonder Ivan and Alyosha are garnering more attention from coast to coast. Founded in 2007 by Ryan Carbary and Tim Wilson (yes, Tim and Pete Wilson are brothers), Ivan and Alyosha started as a duo, but decided to expand the band to include songwriter-bassist Pete, as well as guitarist Tim Kim, all the better to serve their increasingly complex songs.

In 2009, their debut EP, The Verse, The Chorus, snagged plenty of national exposure, plus an interview on NPR’s All Things Considered. Their second EP hit stores in February, 2011. And now they’re promoting their newest full-length set, All the Times We Had, with no sign of slowing momentum.

All the Times We Had was recorded mainly at Avast Studios in Seattle,” Pete Wilson continues. “Chad Copeland engineered and co-produced the record with us, and Nate Price co-engineered for most of the time. There were plenty of great moments during the sessions – there was one moment when we were doing some guitars on “Running for Cover,” and Tim Kim started doing this ambient stuff. He had a pretty difficult week, and it was as if he put all of his emotion into this specific guitar part, letting the music tell a story right along with the lyrics.”

It’s that kind of personalisation that’s helping Ivan and Alyosha’s songs connect so well with fans and critics alike. Which is probably one of the many reasons, too, why they actually finally had what Wilson calls a “real” budget – not an indie band’s budget – for the new album, which changed the playing field.

“We always felt like we were ‘indie’ by default,” Wilson explains, “but having the ‘real’ budget allowed us to get into a great room, with some great gear, to get the sounds we wanted. Having a chance to road-test the songs is always helpful, too – all of these things have helped us craft a more mature sound, focusing less on filling up the songs with noise, and more on making sure that all the parts are right.”

Wilson says that he hopes that the band’s more evolved approach is evident on All the Times We Had.

“Hopefully that album says that the song comes first,” Wilson continues. “rock and roll will always be evolving, but a great song will stay the same – so we tried to make sure that All the Times We Had was packed full of great songs.”  – Kristi Kates

Find out more about Ivan and Alyosha at their official website.