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Squeeze Returns

Chances are you’ve heard them on the radio, in movie soundtracks (think Reality Bites and Hackers), or (more subtly) as the influence for current indie-rockers like The Shins, OK Go, Sloan, Death Cab for Cutie, and They Might Be Giants.

It’s been a long and esteemed new wave road for English band Squeeze, who got their start back in the 1970s, and who you’ll most likely recognise from songs like Tempted, Hourglass, Is This Love, and Another Nail in My Heart.  Since then, they’ve made it through several breakups (and back) as well as the equally successful solo careers of Glenn Tilbrook and Chris Difford. Now they’re back (again) with a quartet of new tracks, a modernised approach to album sales, and appearances on the likes of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.

Did we mention they’re also on tour? And with a pretty amazing setlist of songs to play live every night, we might add.

“Mostly we’re playing our songs like they were recorded, and therefore to me they all sound pretty great,” Chris Difford says. “But ‘Muscles…’ and ‘Is That Love’ are fast and full of fun. On this tour we will also be trying slower, older songs, so you will see and hear another side of our years.”

Three weeks of shows are scheduled for the band on this particular trek (“22 days of sound checks, backstage meals and naps,” Difford chuckles) and the tour is keeping the band busy in other ways, too. In addition to their rollicking stage sets, Squeeze are kicking back at the major labels with their own model of selling albums, and are finding that the new “music biz scene” is actually benefitting Squeeze as a band quite well, thank you very much.

“It is,” Difford agrees. “We sell our music direct to our fans, and on this tour you will find us selling our live shows in our very own Pop Up Shop. Live recordings fresh from the desk – it’s going to be a treat.”

Live recordings from every night’s show are being sold, and with each live recording purchased, fans get an even more music-geek-worthy bonus – a 4-song EP called Packet of Four (a nod to their 1977 set, Packet of Three) that contains studio recordings of Squeeze’s first new studio tracks in almost 15 years.

So, the fans ask hopefully – can we expect even more new original tracks from Squeeze any time soon?

“Next year we are planning a new album,” Difford confirms, “but it could take a while as these things often do. We have to get things right, whatever right needs to be.”  – Kristi Kates