Monday Music News Jan28

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Monday Music News

JOHNNY MARR’S debut solo album is his newest venture, showcasing Marr’s desire to “not be in anyone else’s band anymore.” In addition to his landmark work with The Smiths, Marr’s also worked with The Cribs, Modest Mouse, and The The, among others – now it’s his turn in the direct glare of the spotlight with his album The Messenger, which drops this week. Recorded in Manchester and Berlin and mastered in London, the set features Marr himself on vocals, guitar, and percussion.

THE HIVES are on the road as you read this, having just started a tour this month following their December appearance on Carson Daly’s Last Call TV show. Their tour, of course, is in support of their critically-acclaimed new album, Lex Hives, and will include shows in their Scandinavian home territory as well as later stops in Los Angeles (2.16), Nashville (3.2), and Chicago (3.9.)

TRIBES second album is on the way, as well, although for theirs you’ll have to wait a little longer, as it won’t hit stores until May 20. But the follow up to their 2012 debut disc, which they’ve titled Wish to Scream, will be released on Island Records, and will be accompanied by a short UK tour that will see the band stop in Preston (2.1),  Bedford (2.2), Gloucester (2.4), Guildford (2.5), and at a “secret location” in East London on February 6.

PYXIS POINTS | Apple Corp. have put together a concert film on The Beatles called (what else?) The Beatles Live, which will combine professional performance footage of the band with fan shots | Producer Nile Rodgers is rumored to be working with Daft Punk on some new music from the electronic duo, which may explain their determination to avoid any touring this year | Australia’s St. Kilda Music Fest is set for February 2-10 this year, with sets from Better Than the Wizards, Midnight Juggernauts, and more | Artist Damien Hirst has redesigned the BRIT Award statuette for this year’s awards ceremony, festooning it with his trademark polka-dot motif | Built to Spill just wrapped up their first series of tour dates for this year, a Pacific Northwest trek that has the rest of their fans asking when they’ll be expanding their touring to the rest of the U.S. | Ultravox’s track “Vienna” has been named the UK’s Favorite Number Two Single, a Radio 2 campaign to find the best tune to “just miss out” on the Number One spot  – Kristi Kates