Monday Music News Dec16

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Monday Music News

Monday Music News 2013 12.16
BECK has a Devil’s Haircut, knows Where It’s At, and is now beginning his Morning Phase – or perhaps that’s just the name of Beck’s brand new album, which will be his first of new material since 2008, and his first at his new label home of Capitol Records. Bringing in many of the same musician pals who played with him on his 2002 Sea Change album, the Beckster’s latest is most recollective of that set, with its layered harmonies and more personal, optimistic lyrics. It’s unlikely that Beck’s recent surprise-single releases, “Gimme” and “Defriended,” will surface on the album, though, as it’s slated to be all-new material…

GORILLAZ have debuted a new track called “Whirlwind,” a song that was originally recorded for the band’s 2010 album, Plastic Beach, but got cut from the final tracklisting. Does this mean that Gorillaz is once again moving forward? No definite word on that yet, but Albarn did suggest that he and his Gorillaz bandmate Jamie Hewlett could start working together again soon – or if Hewlett was still out of the loop, then Albarn might work on Gorillaz without him.

SILVERSUN PICKUPS, believe it or not, have already been around as a band for over ten years, and they’re marking that feat with a brand new compilation album called Silversun Pickups: Singles Collection. With eleven songs in all, Collection will include “Lazy Eye,” “Panic Switch,” “The Royal We,” “The Pit,” “Dots and Dashes,” and one brand new song, “Cannibal”; it hits outlets this week.

PYXIS POINTS | Arctic Monkeys’ new music video, for their single “One for the Road,” was filmed in black and white and took place in a dusty, gritty locale – no, not a back street of London, but a remote working farm (complete with guitarist Jamie Cook driving a tractor) | Atoms for Peace have posted a remarkable new music video for their track “Before Your Very Eyes” – the clip is a claymation film that features a clay Thom Yorke singing from within sand and city land – erhm, clay-scapes – trust us, just go watch it | And if you’re looking for a last-minute big-impression gift for an electronic music fan, go snag Daft Punk’s new Random Access Memories box set, just out last week – it includes the album on vinyl and USB, plus posters, bonus tracks, an accompanying book, and more. – Kristi Kates