2014 Grammy Recap Jan26

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2014 Grammy Recap

grammy awards

8:00 PM | CBS TV | The 56th Annual Grammy Awards

||| We’re live-tweeting the 2014 Grammy Awards! Stick w/ us for commentary, cheers, sarcasm, and more… and throw your 2 cents at us @pyxismag

||| Well, well, opening act Madonna. You couldn’t even bother to rinse out your hair for the big night?

||| Weirdly, it seems host LL Cool J is wearing the exact same tux and hat from last year.

||| LL Cool J’s HINT HINT “There are probably people who don’t know I make music, too…”

||| @pharrell is onstage – because he’s Happy!

||| Best New Artist: Macklemore and Ryan Lewis (well – we were cheering for Ed Sheeran!)

||| Lorde takes the stage to sing her big 2013 hit, “Royals”

||| Lorde’s dressed like a schoolteacher in a plain white blouse and black pleated trousers, contrasting “Royals” modern-cool sound.

||| Hunter Hayes is the New Justin Bieber.

||| Heh – @pyxismag’s Will has gone into the office galley to tidy the dishes so he can avoid listening to Hunter Hayes.

||| Juanes and Anna Faris. What’s with so many actors at the Grammys? Did we run out of musicians?

||| W00t! Daft Punk! Best Pop Duo/Group Performance. Wearing perfectly-coordinated metal helmets and gloves!  @pharrell does all the talking.

||| Steve Coogan. ‘Nother actor.

||| Is Katy Perry being haunted by the Spirit Of Weird Music Collaborations? Poor girl.

||| Ha ha. LL said “we’re gonna blur the lines a little bit” introducing Robin Thicke and Chicago.

||| Wow. Chicago/Thicke – as @pyxismag’s Will just put it, “this is generations of cheese!”

||| Keith Urban and Gary Clark Jr. bring in a little bit of country.

||| Well, “pop-country.”

||| Shades of the now defunct Christina Milian from The Voice – some anonymous “Social Media Reporter” makes Taylor Swift send an awkward tweet.

||| John Legend and a piano. Perfect just as is.

||| Some nitwit in the audience just used a mobile phone flash. Visible on-camera. Security!

||| Best Rock Song: we vote Muse’s “Panic Station”!

||| Actual Best Rock Song winner: the Paul McCartney/Dave Grohl collaboration “Cut Me Some Slack.”

||| Dave Grohl looks like he just ran over from cleaning his garage.

||| Taylor Swift is now at the piano in a pale, swooping gown.

||| Aw, Taylor looked sad at the end of her performance.

||| Lots of pop stars apparently have endorsement contracts – Perry for Cover Girl, cars for Legend and McCartney, Timberlake for Mastercard…

||| Pink and Nate Ruess from .fun – Pink’s doing aerial acrobatics. Is this “Groundhog Day”? We swear this happened at the Grammys last year.

||| Friendly argument in the @pyxismag offices as to whether or not Pink is singing live. Your vote?

||| Some guys should not attempt mustaches. fun.’s Nate Ruess is one of ’em.

||| Ariana Grande and Miguel. Ariana’s going to prom after this.

||| Pop Solo Performance – our vote is for Lorde’s “Royals” – and she’s the winner!

||| Ozzy? Was that English?

||| And now, a Vegas-revue-worthy performance from Ringo Starr.

||| Interesting how Ringo is singing one of his old songs from the ’70s, and McCartney just won an award for jamming with Dave Grohl.

||| Easy to see who’s evolving their music and who isn’t…

||| Jamie Foxx announces the nominees for Best Rap/Sung collaboration – it’s Jay Z and Justin Timberlake.

||| Jay Z shouts out to Beyonce, who’s wearing a complicated white gown made out of doilies.

||| LL introduces Kendrick Lamar and Imagine Dragons.

||| Taylor Swift is out of her seat and dancing.

||| Colour-coordinated outfits, giant drums – “Radioactive” meets STOMP?

||| Erhm – where’d the band go? Someone’s getting a little overenthused with the fog machine…

||| Kacey Musgraves takes over one of the side stages with neon cacti and a dress that looks like every country music joke you’ve ever heard.

||| We agree! RT @ihnatko I like a performer who just comes out and plays. Big staging and dancing is like barbecue sauce covering up bad meat.

||| Julia Roberts is wearing a hideous black sparkly lace dress to introduce the awesome Paul McCartney wsg Ringo Starr.

||| Yoko Ono and Sean Lennon grooving in the crowd to Paul’s song.

||| Gloria Estefan and Marc Anthony announce @pharrell’s win as Non-Classical Producer of the Year.

||| Best Pop Vocal Album: Bruno Mars’ Unorthodox Jukebox – groovy!

||| Bruno does a l’il salsa dance on his way up to accept his award, presumably a nice nod to Estefan/Anthony.

||| Blake Shelton and some old country guys. Blake looks shell-shocked. We’re scared that @pyxismag’s Will knows who all the old dudes are.

||| Will tells us the old guys are Willie Nelson, Kris Kristofferson and Merle Haggard.

||| We kid, we kid!

||| If you want to read more great witticisms, follow @pyxismag’s Will at @willjstgermain!

||| Is that Zac Brown? Is he wearing a knit cap because it’s so cold in the Staples Center?

||| Best Country Album: Random Cocktail Waitress from a Country-Western Bar! Oh, wait, it’s Kacey Musgraves.

||| Whee! It’s Daft Punk, AND Stevie Wonder, AND Nile Rodgers AND Pharrell Williams!

||| Suddenly we’re in a 1970’s recording studio. And we like it!

||| Awwwwww freak out!

||| @pyxismag’s Kristi sez “that was the absolute best mash-up of the night!”

||| Sara Barielles and Carole King duet beautifully!

||| Song of the Year: Lorde’s “Royals” – from out of (relatively) nowhere to dual Grammy Awards!

||| Is that real fire? Neat!

||| Metallica’s James Hetfield just broke his own spleen with that last note.

||| Smokey Robinson just threw Steven Tyler some of his own medicine!

||| @daftpunk just won Record of the Year for “Get Lucky”! W00t! Geek-music power!

||| Smokey Robinson off-mic to Daft Punk – “You just won everything!”

||| Why is Madonna leaning on a cane?

||| Three cheers for music teachers!

||| @pyxismag’s Kristi “Wasn’t RoboCop already a movie?”

||| Record of the Year: Daft Punk’s “Random Access Memories”! Android power!

||| @pyxismag @willjstgermain re: Daft Punk’s win – “Data would be so proud!”

||| Dave Grohl, NIN, Lindsey Buckingham, QOTSA… erhm… is this the requisite “Pick Random Musicians Out of a Hat” Grammy performance?

||| LOL – everyone in the office, simultaneously, as the credits rolled on the 2014 Grammys – “oh, is it over?”

||| Aaaaand it is. Thanks for joining us for this year’s Tweet the Grammys on @pyxismag! Read the full recap over at pyxismag.com.