Wintersongs Feb15

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Keane | “Snowed Under”
The song that gave Keane’s Hopes and Fears its title, this is a pretty little slice of life in song as singer Tom Chaplin walks through a chilly landscape.

Coldplay | “Violet Hill”
Everything about this evocative track by Chris Martin and crew scribes an image of trudging through a dark winter’s day in an earlier age.

Simon and Garfunkel/The Bangles | “Hazy Shade of Winter”
A cool (ha!) winter mainstay. Take your pick – classic ’60s harmonies, or classic ’60s harmonies via ’90s girl-band power pop.

The Dream Academy | “Life in a Northern Town”
Something about the way the refrain in this song is sung will immediately remind you of barren, gray small-town sidewalks and swirling winter winds.

Matt Pond PA | “Snow Day”
From his Winter Songs EP (‘natch), you’ll find yourself mentally following Pond’s foot tracks in the snow while listening to the audio version of same.

Sarah McLachlan | “Song for a Winter’s Night”
Mournful and pretty, this McLachlan classic (“the snow is softly falling/the morning light steals across my windowpane/where webs of snow are drifting”) is perfect for winter travel that takes you far from home.

Nick Drake | “Northern Sky”
Drake’s hesitant, pensive vocals are an ode to life in a cold locale, but the arrival of Drake’s love is likely to help at least a bit (“Would you love me through the winter… but now you’re here/brighten my Northern Sky”)

White Stripes | “In the Cold Cold Night”
Who else but the inimitable Jack White could wail in such a fashion that it sounds like he’s literally been left out in the cold? Poor fellow.

Fleet Foxes | “White Winter Hymnal”
A slow, chiming, strummy march of a tune, the hypnotic verses and snowy imagery of red scarves against white snowbanks fit right in.

Dodos | “So Cold”
Slightly noisy and spiny, much like a spot of unexpected winter wind on your face, this isn’t necessarily the prettiest Dodos song we’ve heard, but it definitely captures the chill of the season.