Monday Music News Apr21

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Monday Music News

Monday Music News 2014 4.21
OASIS are marking the 20th anniversary of their debut single “Supersonic” and its accompanying album, Definitely Maybe, this year, and a special exhibition in London is only the first of several occasions to celebrate. The exhibition, titled Chasing the Sun: Oasis 1993-1997, is the first dedicated to the band, and will open at the Londonewcastle Project Space in Shoreditch on April 11, with free entry for Oasis fans. The showcase will document the creation of their albums and many of their now-legendary gigs via memorabilia, studio artifacts, merchandise, and previously unseen images from photographer Lawrence Watson; also part of the exhibit will be some of Oasis’ early instruments, which have been loaned by the band members themselves.

THE BEATLES’ landmark 1964 film A Hard Day’s Night is set for re-release on both DVD and in cinemas in fully-restored format, and will later be released on Blu-Ray as well. Directed by Richard Lester, the film follows “a day in the life” of the band with Beatlemania in full pursuit, and also features Pattie Boyd (who would go on to marry Beatle George Harrison), Lionel Blair, and Bob Godfrey.

DAMON ALBARN’S Everyday Robots album is out this week, and included on it is the song “Mr. Tembo,” which has a quite sweet backstory. The song was written for a baby elephant that Albarn met at a place called Mkomazi in Tanzania, Africa; the elephant (nicknamed Mr. Tembo) was recently orphaned, and Albarn felt inspired in the moment of meeting him to sing the elephant a little song, which was recorded on an iPhone. When Albarn later started work on …Robots, the producer suggested he recorded the charming tune as an actual full track, and in spite of Albarn’s early hesitancy (he didn’t consider the song “worthy”), it worked out quite well, as listeners will soon hear.

PYXIS POINTS | The Smithsonian Channel is running a new documentary called Blondie’s New York that focuses on Debbie Harry and the band Blondie in 1970s NYC, during the making of their album Parallel Lines | Speaking of The Beatles, Paul McCartney has added several South American dates to his touring schedule, including this week’s stop in Quito, Ecuador on April 28 and a concert in San Jose, Costa Rica on May 1 | And NYC’s CMJ Music and Film Festival has announced their 2014 dates – this year’s fest will run October 21-25 in Manhattan.  – Kristi Kates