Spring Songs Apr27

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Spring Songs

mr blue sky image
The Beatles |
Here Comes the Sun
If you don’t feel the beckoning of spring while listening to this, then we need to have a talk.

Pharrell Williams | Happy
Sure, it was technically released back in November – and it’s from the Despicable Me 2 soundtrack – but it would be difficult to find a song more effervescent than this one to welcome spring in with all the windows open and your entire neighbourhood dancing along.

Electric Light Orchestra | Mr. Blue Sky
Okay, okay – we’re admitting we didn’t know much about this song until we… heard it on a commercial. Yeah, we know. But once we found this classic gem, with its buoyant tune and ascending vocals – not to mention those lyrics (“Sun is shining in the sky/there ain’t a cloud in sight”) – it won our winter-weary ears over.  (Watch a spectacularly animated video for Mr. Blue Sky here!)

Noah and the Whale | The First Days of Spring
Troubled romance? Cancelled vacation? Got the sniffles? Whatever’s wrong with your life, Noah and the Whale suggest administering a good dose of spring skies to make it all better. You can still pout if you choose, but at least you’ll have something cheery to listen to.

Head Like a Kite | Daydream Vacation
Dave Einmo crafts unusual yet familiar electro-pop music reminiscent of the sounds of Morcheeba, but more jittery. So – Morcheeba on caffeine. Morcheeba on caffeine, in the springtime. If Morcheeba was a guy. Yeah, that’s it.

I’m From Barcelona | Always Spring
Bubbly and folky, I’m From Barcelona sings a welcome sentiment that’s appropriate in the spring, and reassuring any other time of year – “Somewhere it’s summer/somewhere it’s always spring.”

The Ladybug Transistor | The Great British Spring
These indie-popsters aren’t from England, but Brooklyn – and they kind of echo the sound of ELO (listed above) with their unadorned piano riffs, trumpets, and retro-fied vocals on this peppy, catchy-cool number.

R.E.M. | Gardening at Night
Is it actually about gardening at nighttime, a popular pastime in the overheated days of R.E.M.’s Georgia hometown of Athens? Or is it just Michael Stipe being cryptic again? Doesn’t matter, with such a sprightly guitar riff and springy vocal as this.

The White Stripes | Apple Blossom
Jack White romances a girl – presumably under an apple tree – with this springtime promise to take care of her woes and worries.

Simon and Garfunkel | The 59th Street Bridge Song (Feelin’ Groovy)
Paul and Art sing of spring in the City – New York City, to be exact – with plenty of evocative lyrics from skipping over those West Village cobblestones to watching the flowers grow in NYC’s many parks. Or you could just take a nap, as they suggest at the end of the song – a groovy nap, that is.

Jakob Dylan and Courtyard Hounds | See You in the Spring
Two members of the Dixie Chicks (aka Courtyard Hounds) harmonise gorgeously with The Wallflowers’ Jakob Dylan on this folky, romantic, and yes, springy number.

Annuals | Springtime
Set to a subtle waltz rhythm, this piano-based number quietly and prettily welcomes the month of March and its change of seasons.

Any additional songs you think should be part of this PyxMix?  Add them in the comments below, and check back in April for more PyxMixes!


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