SunTunes Jun03

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| Brighter Than Sunshine
Buoyant and lifted by both its who-cares-about-the-rain-we’ve-got-love lyrics and tinge of electronica, this pretty number by the music nerd propels along setting a perfect mood for those sunny afternoons right after the rain stops.

Keane| Sunshine
From Keane’s standout Hopes and Fears album, this track’s music twinkles like morning sunlight, while the lyrics sing of finding your place in the world, with the band’s typical but welcome vocals (by Tom Chaplin)   and a lovely twist of minor tones.

The Beatles | Good Day Sunshine
The Beatles are in love and it’s a sunny day, and that’s quite enough to write a nice song about. Wouldn’t you agree?

A-Ha | The Sun Always Shines on TV
If it’s gloomy inside, never fear, are the encouraging words from Norwegian popsters A-Ha, who have influenced everyone from Coldplay to the aforementioned Keane – you can always put the TV on because somewhere it’s bound to be sunny.

Oasis | Turn Up the Sun
From Oasis’ 2005 Don’t Believe the Truth set arrives this underrated, typically-Oasis track sending away another Northern England winter with the Gallagher brothers’ pleading to turn up the sun, as is everyone’s right. Right?

The Raconteurs | Yellow Sun
What better way to start a song about sunshine than “Yellow sun shining in the afternoon“? Raconteurs definitely know what they’re doing with this kinda zany, ’60s influenced number.

Libertines | Don’t Look Back Into the Sun
Modern skiffle makes an appearance on our list with the intro for this Libertines number, which quickly gets punky and cautions the listener to move forward instead of back toward old mistakes (or retina-burning lights, for that matter.)

Doves | Catch the Sun
A similar sentiment is offered by Doves, who suggest a similar approach to life (“Catch the sun, before it’s gone/Here it comes, up in smoke and gone“) even as they miss the drama provided by being, well, more melodramatic in the past.

Len | Steal My Sunshine
It’s a bit of a conundrum trying to make any sense at all out of the verse lyrics by this one-hit-wonder band from Canada, but by the time they get to that bubbly chorus (“I know, it’s up, to me, if you steal my sunshine!”) you won’t care, because you’ll be busy doing the Molly Ringwald dance.

Belle + Sebastian | Song for Sunshine
There’s a bit of a moral tale being told in this Belle + Sebastian track, but it’s conveyed with a ’70s-meets-today sound reminiscent of the Electric Light Orchestra if they were hipper. “Sunshine, we all see the same sky/Looking, learning, asking the same ‘why?'”

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