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Autumn Audio

Ed Sheeran | Autumn Leaves
Float down/like autumn leaves – unabashed musical poetry from the talented singer-songwriter.

Big Star | September Gurls
Big Star is known for big musical hooks, and few are catchier than the several running through this buoyant, September-perfect track.

The Shins  |
The title suits, right? Do we really need an excuse to listen to more Shins?

The Helio Sequence | October
And the same for you, “October.”

U2 | October
This evocative, lovely piano piece sounds like it’s going to remain instrumental – until Bono chimes in at the end with the perfect seasonal verse.

Yo La Tengo | Autumn Sweater
Some of the best things about fall are sweaters, boots, scarves, and excuses to kick about in piles of leaves listening to songs like these.

The Vines | Autumn Shade II
The leaves make patterns, The Vines make music, and this unplugged version is one of their prettiest.

Gorillaz | November Has Come
Sometimes you just get so busy, a month arrives and departs before you even notice.

The White Stripes | Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground
If you like your songs-about-autumn full of rawk, then this one’s for you.

Manic Street Preachers | Autumn Song
When you hear this autumn song / remember the best times are yet to come – a positive sentiment for what many consider the “saddest” season.

The Avett Brothers | November Blues
Plaintive and folky, this one’s a fitting listen for those highway drives through leafless fall forests.

OK GO | Last Leaf
Another pretty, singular track, this one’s performed simply on acoustic guitar, and delicately captures the changeover of seasons alongside a romantic plea for return.

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