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January Songs

The Decemberists | January Hymn
The Decemberists help “keep the winter at bay” with this folksy track, a capsule of youthful winter days.

David Gray | January Rain
Modern-day troubadour Gray couples a chiming guitar riff with perfect cold-rain-reminiscent instrumentals.

Dean Martin | June In January (1995 Digital Remaster)
A vintage classic: that dastardly ol’ snow and ice just don’t matter when Dean Martin’s in love.

Pilot | January
“January!  Don’t be cold, don’t be angry to me!”

The Avett Brothers | January Wedding
Old-timey bluegrass-pop in which (presumably) one of the brothers is a-gettin’ hitched. In January, ‘natch.

Owl City | January 28, 1986
A lovely tribute to the crew of the Space Shuttle Challenger, graced with icy synths.

Sleeping at Last | January White
The Midwest knows about snow – just ask this Illinois band. They also know a little about taking advantage of each January as a fresh start.

Five Times August | January Song (2009)
He met her on New Year’s Eve. But will they make it to Valentine’s Day? Dun dun dah.

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