2015 Grammy Recap Feb09

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2015 Grammy Recap


Sam Smith rules, Beck, Pharrell, and Annie Lennox are cool, Sheeran goes old school, Trainor and Gaga dress like fools. Check out the recap of our live tweet on the scene at the 2015 Grammy Awards!

grammy 2015

||| Time to live Tweet the Grammys! Here we go… feel free to join in, Pyxis Mag readers!

||| Welcome Grammy fans! Join us – we’re tweeting the 2015 Grammy Awards starting right now!

||| @llcoolj is back to host, and we’re on the scene for the Grammy 2015 Awards, with Brian Johnson and his fellow geezers opening the show.

||| Wow – this is some dated, erhm, we mean “vintage,” rock n’ roll, isn’t it? @Grammys2015

||| Quick! Someone get @ladygaga some double-stick tape and some modesty!

||| Front row roll call: @PaulMcCartney, @ladygaga, @edsheeran

||| Presenting Best New Artist: @taylorswift13 in a sweeping and modern turquoise gown.

||| “As a former loser of this award, I can say that if you don’t win, it’ll be just fine, just shake it off” @taylorswift13

||| Best New Artist: @samsmithworld!

||| @samsmithworld on stage with his brand new Best New Artist Grammy, wearing a bright cherry-red suit.

||| Commercials already? Sheesh.

||| And we’re back! Aw, James Corden @JKCorden in the audience! He’s going to be so great on the Late Late Show!

||| @ArianaGrande now on stage, surrounded by a bunch of purple and pink glowing tubes.

||| @JessieJ and @RealSirTomJones singing “You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feelin'” are a very… odd couple. And @JessieJ forgot most of her dress.

||| Sorry, but @JessieJ + @RealSirTomJones = zero chemistry.

||| This is like wedding reception karaoke. Who’s idea was this?

||| Time for another award: Best Pop Solo Performance…

||| Best Pop Solo Performance: “Happy!” Congrats @Pharrell! (bet he’s… happy! Yeah, we said it.)

||| Yeah – @Pharrell rocking the grey bermuda shorts suit and bow-tie!

||| We’re mostly @cordkillers here in the @PyxisMag offices, so all these commercials are just… weird to see.

||| Well, the Screaming Goat is now endorsing mobile phones, and @gwenstefani is shilling @MasterCard…

||| What’s up with the Twitter blast,  you ask? We’re live-tweeting Grammys 2015! Join us!

||| @DierksBentley introduces @mirandalambert performing “Little Red Wagon” complete with harmonica and pyrotechnics

||| @mirandalambert said a bad word. Or the sound mixer just messed up.

||| The BeeGees just snagged the Lifetime Achievement Award.

||| Best Pop Vocal Album: @coldplay, Miley, Ariana, @katyperry, @samsmithworld, or @edsheeran…

||| Best Pop Vocal goes to @samsmithworld! That’s two awards now tonight!

||| “Dreams don’t have deadlines” – @llcoolj

||| @kanyewest is back on the Grammy stage.

||| Oh, Auto-Tune. When are you going to just go away?

||| Miley Cyrus is a scary, scary person.

||| @Madonna is back, in a toreador costume with a bunch of men wearing bull horns and rhinestone masks.

||| Aw. Poor @Madonna. She must’ve passed out, they had to hoist her up off the stage with wires.

||| Why are there sportball people here? Oh. They’re announcing Best Rock Album.

||| Best Rock Album Winner: @beck! Yeah! (And yay, they didn’t give it to a geezer act!)

||| @nilerodgers and @smokey_robinson honouring George Harrison with the Lifetime Achievement Award.

||| And now, Best R&B Performance: @beyonce – congrats!

||| Hey, look, it’s @JKCorden! Introducing @edsheeran! Cooooool

||| More vintage people – Jeff Lynne of Electric Light Orchestra. Hey, look @PaulMcCartney digs it!

||| Hey, we all actually know this awesome song! “Mr. Blue Sky,” with @edsheeran singing along with Jeff Lynne

||| W00t!

||| @RyanSeacrest is onstage – hmm, why isn’t HE hosting the Grammys?

||| And now, a duet from @adamlevine and @gwenstefani! Adam in a snazzy grey suit and Gwen in an elegant red gown

||| Lots of strings supporting @gwenstefani and @adamlevine’s “My Heart is Open” – pretty!

||| Aaand we’re back! @Hozier teams up with @AnnieLennox – should be interesting hearing these two voices together

||| Everyone here agrees: @Hozier has a pretty cool voice, but this is such a weird song. Where’s Annie?

||| @AnnieLennox in the house – one of the most amazing voices in pop music. Wish she didn’t always look so cranky, though

||| We keeping looking for someone to make fun of, and no one’s even dressed particularly weird this year.

||| Oh look, just in time – thanks @Meghan_Trainor! We finally get to say “what the heck is she wearing?”

||| Best Country Album: @Mirandalambert’s “Platinum” – and a hug from hubby @blakeshelton, country star in his own right and @NBCTheVoice coach

||| Hey, look, it’s @theweeknd

||| @pharrell has a Babelfish in his ear!!

||| Wow – a lemon-seasoned apocalyptic orchestral version of “Happy” from @Pharrell – very different, very cool!

||| Ooh a sneak peek in the production bunker at #Grammys2015!

||| @BarackObama with a serious message for the Grammys 2015 audience.

||| @katyperry is singing in front of two silhouettes. Thankfully, they’re not sharks.

||| Okay, who’s smoking backstage? I told you to put that out!

||| Madonna in the audience – she also forgot to put her trousers back on. Guess that’s the trend this year.

||| Look, it’s @Imaginedragons! They’re not really at the Grammys, but they rock… where are they, anyway?

||| Hey, Grammys, spend less money on pyro and dancing shadow aliens next year and you can afford to fly in @Imaginedragons.

||| @Imaginedragons was a 3-minute commercial? It was more entertaining than half of the Grammys so far. We’re so confused.

||| Look, it’s @itstonybennett and @ladygaga. We finally got someone whose outfit we can properly make fun of (and it’s not Tony)

||| @ladygaga looks like they yanked her out of some D-level jazz club in Greenwich Village.

||| Well, at least @itstonybennett probably has lots of extra money now.

||| Talk to the harp, @Usher

||| Is it just us, or is this Grammys particularly tepid?

||| What do you think about this year’s awards? Does it need more oomph, or is this more subdued feel cool with you? Tell us!

||| It’s not the Grammys without the yearly appearance from Stevie Wonder.

||| Is this a commercial for Tinder or an anti-smoking PSA?

||| Darn it. You leave the room for a minute and Country-Western George Michael is already halfway through his tune.

||| Still can’t figure out who the country guy singing flat is?

||| Wow. Snore. Can somebody PLEASE feed these people some caffeine or something?

||| New song from @PaulMcCartney, @rihanna, @kanyewest – very… strange… combo…

||| @PaulMcCartney we love you for staying relevant, but that was… sorry, ‘strange’ is all we’ve got.

||| @taylorswift13 introduces her friend @samsmithworld and @maryjblige

||| Ooh lampshades

||| Purty.

||| Miss Grammy here needs to learn how to read a teleprompter.

||| @juanes onstage now at Grammys 2015

||| Well, internet, that didn’t take long now, did it? Grammys 2015 #leftshark


||| Ladies and gentlemen, Prince, in his orange pajamas. With a cane. To announce Album of the Year

||| Who will win?

||| And Album of the Year is not @edsheeran or @samsmithworld – it’s @beck’s “Morning Phase” – surprise! It’s an upset!

||| Oh no. We haven’t seen a “social media reporter” since Christina Milian was being pointless on @NBCTheVoice

||| Huh? Did we suddenly get transported to a poetry slam?

||| What the heck is going on? Now we’re in a trashed hotel room full of mimes

||| More weird. This could be the weirdest and dullest Grammys ever.

||| Producer of the Year: Max Martin

||| And boom! Right into Song of the Year: Please not @Meghan_Trainor.

||| Song of the Year: @samsmithworld’s “Stay With Me”

||| “I’m having a really, really, really good night” – @samsmithworld

||| It’s 11 pm – is that it?

||| We love this adorable @Android commercial with all the animal pals. So cute.

||| @Letterman gets a special thank you from Grammys 2015 for bringing new music to his late night show!

||| But wait, there’s more! @Coldplay’s Chris Martin and @beck on stage now!!

||| Brilliant! @Coldplay’s Chris Martin and @beck’s voices sound extremely cool together!

||| Ha ha! @Coldplay’s Chris Martin stepped back to give @beck the spotlight and Beck yanked him back forward on the stage

||| @steviewonder’s back with @iamjamiefoxx to announce Record of the Year

Grammy Album
||| Confused? Record of the Year rewards the entire track including performance/production; Song of the Year honours songwriter.

||| Record of the Year is: @samsmithworld – that’s a total of four tonight for Sam! #TaylorSwiftShutout #itscooltheyrefriends

||| @IAMJHUD Jennifer Hudson, great cause, horrible dress. Please get a better stylist.

||| Shelving the snark for now. In memoriam, Robin Williams, Tommy Ramone, Casey Kasem, Maya Angelou, so many more. @Grammys2015

||| @llcoolj and @GwynethPaltrow on stage to introduce @Beyonce

||| @Beyonce looks like she’s getting married, and she’s singing a hymn. Hmm.

||| @johnlegend on stage

||| Aaaaand that’s all, folks! #Grammys2015 is over. Thanks for hanging out with us here at @PyxisMag!