2015 Oscars Recap Feb23

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2015 Oscars Recap

Oscar Night 2015:  Neil Patrick Harris (@ActuallyNPH) hosted, the gowns were big, the tuxes were eclectic, the presenter pairings were baffling, and we sat in the PyxisMag offices tweeting the entire thing. Oh yes, we did.

||| Good evening ladies and gents! We’re here to live-tweet the 2015 Oscars – feel free to chime in! #Oscars2015

||| Hey, look – our @Cordkillers and podcasting pal @JackieHern81 is tweeting #Oscars2015 too! Go follow her!

||| Aw, the frighteningly white teeth, the botoxed foreheads, the ridiculous red carpet questions… oh, Hollywood.

||| Benedict Cumberbatch, cleverly dodging Ridiculous Questions: “the carpet’s a bit squidgy from the rain, but it’s all good.”

||| #Oscars2015 Fun Fact: The first Oscars were held in 1929, and tix were $5 bucks.

||| Ha! Go Tom. RT @acedtect On the edge of my seat to find out what 63-year-old white men think were the best movies of the year.

||| Clever opening so far – @ActuallyNPH, @AnnaKendrick47, and… Jack Black!

||| Oprah, Uma. Uma, Oprah. #Oscars2015

||| “That whole thing, completely improvised” – @ActuallyNPH

||| Aaaand Best Supporting Actor: JK Simmons for Whiplash

||| Erhm… nobody here saw that one.

||| Is @ActuallyNPH at #Oscars2015, or at the @MagicCastle?

||| Qui-Gon Jinn!

||| PyxisMag’s @shaunoneil: “All of Wes Anderson’s films feel exactly the same”

||| Gift bags. Because celebrities need more stuff. #Oscars2015

||| J. Lo meets Captain Kirk.

||| Best Costume Design Pyxis Pick – Into the Woods. Winner – Grand Budapest Hotel

||| We want Guardians of the Galaxy to win something!!

||| Best Makeup and Hairstyling: Grand Budapest Hotel

||| PyxisMag’s Will – “hey, look, it’s Channing Tater Tot!” #YMS

||| Wait – we missed something – were those #Oscars2015 interns?

||| #Oscars2015 Fun Fact: commercials aired during the Oscars cost around $1.9 million US per ad. #crazytalk

||| Nicole Kidman looks… distracted.

||| Best Foreign Language Film: Ida (Poland)

||| PyxisMag’s Will: “They’re playing the music. Move it along.”

||| LOL shut the lights off! Hide the mic! He’s still talking!

||| #Oscars2015 Fun Fact: 45 seconds is the length imposed on (most) Oscar winners’ speeches.

||| Shirley MacLaine announces next three Best Picture Nominees: Boyhood, Theory of Everything, Birdman.

||| Marion Cotillard introduces The Lego Movie song. Our question: why was The Lego Movie shut out of Best Animated Feature??

||| RT @HobbitfromPA Everything would be more awesome if the film actually got nominated.

||| PyxisMag’s @shaunoneil “Birdman wasn’t really my thing, but it managed to hold my attention”

||| PyxisMag’s @willjstgermain “I think I’m getting old. I don’t recognise half of the actors in the audience.”

||| RT @donttrythis Enjoying the @ActuallyNPH hosted Oscars with Mrs. Donttrythis. Neil is a lesson in professionalism. Can he just host all future award shows?

||| Best Live Action Short Film: Mat Kirkby, James Lucas for The Phone Call (They just want free doughnuts.)

||| Best Documentary Short Subject: (We admit we saw none of these. What?? We’re busy n’ stuff!) Crisis Hotline: Veterans Press 1

||| LOL how did we miss that one? RT @HobbitfromPA That woman has Tribbles hanging on her clothes.

||| @HobbitfromPA Well, that’s the trouble, you see.

||| Viola Davis announces #Oscars2015 Governors Awards (sorry, we’re still busy laughing about the Tribble dress)

||| Okay, @ActuallyNPH – that was weird. #Oscars2015

||| The Scientific and Technical Awards, shoved to the background as usual. Like to see you make films without these people!

||| Sienna Miller and Captain America!! – erhm, Chris Evans – announce Achievement in Sound Mixing. Winner: Whiplash

||| We wanted Interstellar to win! Bah. *We smile and clap politely*

||| Achievement in Sound Editing: Winner: American Sniper

||| Jared Leto, this year’s winner for “Bluest Tux and Whitest Shoes!”

||| Actress in a Supporting Role: (Ooh, Into the Woods!) Winner: Patricia Arquette (Boyhood)

||| Boyhood’s actors were actually filmed (and aged in real life) over 12 years , instead of using special FX

||| Did Meryl Streep just say “hell yes, sister”?

||| Ladies and gentlemen, a fully recovered Peeta Mellark.

||| Psst, @RitaOra? The TP seems to have followed you out of the stall…

||| Why are all of these Oscar song performances so short?

||| He mentioned Groot!!

||| Best Visual Effects: (We like so many of these!) Winner: Interstellar! We approve!

||| Kevin Hart and Anna Kendrick announce Best Animated Short: Feast

||| Uhura and The Rock announce Animated Feature Film: Pyxis Pick – How to Train Your Dragon. Winner – Big Hero 6.

||| #Oscars2015 Fun Fact: Seat fillers are paid $125 for the night’s ‘work.’

||| Ha, @ActuallyNPH’s @BarackObama fakeout.

||| Over 100 countries are reportedly watching this awards show right now. #Oscars2015

||| Chris Pratt! And Felicity Jones. Ha, “Hooked on a Feeling” intro music.

||| We agree on both! @HobbitfromPA It makes me sad to think about someone else taking over, but I can totally see Chris Pratt as Indiana Jones.

||| Achievement in Production Design: The Grand Budapest Hotel

||| We’re sensing a lag here. Pick up the pace please, @ActuallyNPH!

||| Idris Elba and Jessica Chastain announce Best Cinematography: Winner – Birdman

||| #Oscars2015 Fun Fact: Fake Oscars made of plaster are used at the rehearsal when the celebs show up to practice announcing the winners.

||| In Memoriam. Among them Richard Attenborough, Maya Angelou, Edward Herrmann, Lauren Bacall, Robin Williams. Always too soon.

||| An emotional performance from @IAMJHUD.

||| Benedict! And the cool Naomi Watts, announcing Best Film Editing: Winner – Tom Cross for Whiplash

||| Terrence Howard introducing the clips for Whiplash, Imitation Game, Selma.

||| PyxisMag’s @shaunoneil “I liked Imitation Game – but it was historically inaccurate.”

||| Best Documentary Feature: CitizenFour

||| Ha ha @JackieHern81! Don’t worry, that’s what the internet is for.

||| #Oscars2015 Fun Fact: It takes almost a month to craft the 50+ statuettes needed for each year’s ceremony.

||| Aaaand we’re back #Oscars2015 “You’re not Octavia Spencer!”

||| Octavia Spencer introduces @johnlegend and @common performing “Glory” from Selma

||| Kudos to the #Oscars2015 set designers this year. Another striking visual backdrop.

||| Something tells us “Glory” is going to win Best Song.

||| The musicians of the Oscars orchestra are wired in live from over in the famed Capitol Building in L.A.

||| Adele Dazim and Glom Gazingo, together again!! #Oscars2015

||| Best Original Song: Winner – “Glory” (duh)

||| #Oscars2015 Fun Fact: The little gold man is 13.5 in. tall and weighs 8.5 pounds, so holding an Oscar is like hefting a gallon of milk.

||| PyxisMag’s @willjstgermain: “Scarlett Johanssen looks like an alien.”

||| Do re me fa so la ti do! <3

||| Spoke too soon. Erhm… we can’t do this. Mute. Sorry, @ladygaga.

||| Oh. My. Gosh. That’s Julie Andrews. “Dear Lady Gaga – oh my god” indeed

||| Best Original Score: Winner – Alexandre Desplat for The Grand Budapest Hotel

||| Ah ha ha! RT Duncan Jones @ManMadeMoon Oscars so good I just hit 476 on #crossyroad.

||| RT @BAFTALA Major thanks to @TheAcademy for arranging the rather British weather for #Oscars2015. Our many British noms appreciate it!

||| #Oscars2015 Fun Fact: The first colour TV broadcast of the awards took place in 1966.

||| Is that you chewing gum at the Oscars, @MichaelKeaton?

||| The shape of Oprah’s hair matches the shape of her skirt.

||| Best Adapted Screenplay: Graham Moore for The Imitation Game

||| PyxisMag’s @willjstgermain’s vote for Best Picture: The Grand Budapest Hotel

||| Ben Affleck announces Best Director: Winner – Alejandro G. Iñárritu for Birdman

||| Last year’s Best Actress Cate Blanchett announces Best Actor – Pyxis Pick: Eddie Redmayne Winner – Eddie Redmayne!!

||| Aw! We like Eddie.

||| Last year’s Best Actor Matthew McConaughey announces Best Actress: Pyxis Pick – Felicity Jones Winner – Julianne Moore

||| You guys still awake out there? Best Picture coming up!

||| It’s @ActuallyNPH’s moment of truth – he’s opening the plexiglass box of his Oscar predictions.

||| Just can’t win, can you, John Travolta?

||| Sean Penn is here to announce Best Picture: Pyxis Pick – The Theory of Everything. Winner – Birdman

||| Hm. We’re not agreeing on Best Picture here at Pyxis Mag. Not that it’s undeserved, but it just didn’t seem like “The” best.

||| “Keep making moving pictures!” – @ActuallyNPH

||| Final #Oscars2015 Fun Fact: 4,000 miniature chocolate Oscars covered in gold dust are served at the Oscars ball each year. That’s all folks!

||| Thank you all for hanging out with us tonight! See you at pyxismag.com! @KristiKates @willjstgermain @shaunoneil #Oscars2015