March Mix Mar06

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March Mix

Nick Heyward | Kite
Perfectly buoyant and kite-worthy, complete with Beatle-esque trumpet trills, this is the ideal track for those rare warm breezy March days.

Coldplay | Prospekt’s March
No, it’s not technically the month, but it’s still got a moody, storytelling feel like chilly March rain running down a windowpane.

David Tomlinson | Let’s Go Fly a Kite
If you didn’t listen to this as a kid, then all the more reason to now – and if it doesn’t make you skip across a field, your feet must be in cement shoes.

U2 | Kite
Bono and The Edge get all kinda pensive (that’s normal) and… country. This is a rare diversion from U2 arena rock, and an interesting one.

Modest Mouse | March Into the Sea
Yes, this one is also about the wrong sort of March. But just listen to those tinkling synth-chimes! Don’t they sound like raindrops?

Brooklyn Bridge | Your Kite My Kite
Super ’60s happy peppy shiny peace man harmony pop. It’s sooo groovy.

The Beatles | Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite!
Also groovy – The Beatles, of course – with this ode to a circus festival poster that John Lennon found in an old shop.

Any additional songs you think should be part of this PyxMix?  Add them in the comments below, and check back on March 20 for our “Spring Songs” PyxMix.


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