Thankful Mix Nov23

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Thankful Mix

Soundtrack your Thanksgiving dinner this year with this set of perfectly thankful tracks.

Mogwai | Thank You Space Expert
Over seven minutes of atmospheric, space-age shoegazy stuff, perfect for that short rest you plan to take on the sofa after dinnerzzzzzzzZZZZZzzzzz…

The Dolphins | So Long and Thanks for All the Fish
Farewell, Planet Earth! Not just yet, though. Not until after Thanksgiving demolition, erhm, we mean dinner, with the Vogons.

Dido | Thank You
We still can’t sort why she allowed a certain American rapper to blend this reflective, detail-filled pop gem with his own overwrought rhymes – give this one a proper listen on its own.

Gotye | Thanks for Your Time
A wry ode to “customer care” that we can all relate to.

Alanis Morissette | Thank U
Morissette had an epiphany or two about her life a while back, and shares them with you and yours in song.

The Whigs | Thank You
A tad forboding in the chorus for a moment, but in general a sweet (for The Whigs) message of love to a significant other.

Bombadil | Thank You
And finally, true musical appreciation for the ones who matter in your life. Really. You might actually want to pass this one along.