Happy Aussie Day! Jan26

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Happy Aussie Day!

INXS | “Dancing on the Jetty”
A sharp, propulsive, and yes, synthy ’80s ode to late nights on the Pacific shore, dancing your cares away.

Slim Dusty | “Waltzing Matilda”
The must-have Aussie folk ballad, sung by the Aussie musical legend with the perfect swagman’s name.

The Pogues | “And the Band Played Waltzing Matilda”
Matilda the song made appearances in plenty of other Aussie-related tracks, including this war song as covered by The Pogues.

Crowded House | “Four Seasons in One Day”
Gorgeous tune written about the weather-fickle city of Melbourne by this great half Aussie, half-Kiwi band.

Men at Work | “Land Down Under”
The bubbly tune that introduced Americans to vegemite also paints a colorful image of other Aussie legends.

Snake Gully | “South Australia”
Complete with fiddles and accented vocals, this traditional track is fun, especially if you dance to it. Trust us.

The Shins | “Australia”
Okay, it’s not specifically about the country, but the title and lyrics still evoke big travels across Aussie-sized vistas of land.

The Triffids | “Wide Open Road”
This band from Perth wrote this one about  a familiar, kangaroo-festooned  stretch of Aussie highway.

Manic  Street Preachers  | “Australia”
Australia via the Manics as a restorative retreat: “Sleep for a while and speak no words in Australia…”

The Go-Betweens | “Cattle and Cane”
Strummy modern folk-pop ditty about sugar-cane farming in the land down under.

Yothu Yindi | “Treaty”
World/tribal music meets radio pop in this song about Australia’s indigeneous Aboriginals.

Hugh Jackman | “I Still Call Australia Home”
Yes, it’s corny. Yes, it’s from a Broadway musical. But it’s sincere, and dammit, it’s sung by Wolverine!