2012 Grammy Recap Feb13

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2012 Grammy Recap

The 54th Grammy Awards took place last night, and our Pyxis Mag staff were in the office lounge with plenty of soda and junk food, ready to live-Tweet the happenings just for you. If you missed it, no worries – here’s our Grammy Live Tweets Recap.

8:00 PM | CBS TV | The 54th Annual Grammy Awards

||| Time to live Tweet the Grammys! Here we go… feel free to join in, Pyxis Mag readers!

||| LL Cool J as host – begins with a statement honoring the now late Whitney Houston. Such a sad loss.

||| Obviously LL didn’t just see Adele’s “I get stage fright” interview with Anderson Cooper 10 minutes ago. Way to put the pressure on, LL.

||| Who on earth did they sit poor Taylor Swift next to? Can she even see past the giant red shoulders on the lady’s dress?

||| That’s no lady. That’s Nicki Minaj.

||| On stage: Bruno Mars, now channeling a modern, slimmer James Brown retro vibe. Pretty cool.

||| We’re live Tweeting the Grammys! Join us! (And we forgot the hashtag, so here goes… #Grammys!)

||| Alicia Keys and Bonnie Raitt duet on an Etta James song in tribute to the late James and Whitney. Not our kind of music, but nice sentiment.

||| Best Pop Vocal Performance – Adele! Hoorah, actual talent wins!

||| Chris Brown performing. Eh. Only interesting thing is that his stage set looks like the videogame screen for QBert.

||| Fergie? Please hire a stylist.

||| Best Rap Performance – Jay-Z and Kanye. That’s nice.

||| Jason Aldean and Kelly Clarkson dueting… uh, we didn’t know Kelly Clarkson sang country. The massive gears on stage are neat, though.

||| Hm… this Target ad appears to be trying to copy OK Go videos…

||| Okay, so Elton John says “No Pepsi for you” and iPhone’s Siri gives a mediocre guitarist a rock star complex. Back to the Grammys yet?

||| Poor Foos – relegated to a tent outside the Staples Centre so they can hold on to their indie cred, as Jack Black says.

||| The Foo Fighters still sound like the ’90s. So – right in tune with the dated #Grammys philosophy.

||| We’re live-Tweeting the #Grammys! Feel free to mute us for a bit if you’re not interested in our sincere/sarcastic mix of observations.

||| Aaaaaand we’re back!

||| Coldplay and Rihanna. Not our fave song from an otherwise brilliant album. Could be interesting…

||| C’mon Rihanna, stay on key. People are listening.

||| We’re bored by the Rihanna number. “You just don’t understand the power of the dance,” says PyxisMag’s Will “or maybe it’s the pizza I ate.”

||| We were hoping the Coldplay/Rihanna combo would be better live. But Rihanna’s dragging Chris Martin’s vocal into the out-of-key gutter.

||| Thank goodness that didn’t last long. Coldplay moving on to “Paradise.” Much better, although the Grammys still can’t mix live sound for TV.

||| Nice jolt of Brit rock for the Grammy crowd. Well done, Coldplay.

||| We love the Coldplay/Willie Nelson/brave farmer Chipotle ad. We also love Chipotle. Great, now we’re hungry.

||| There appear to be some sport type people on the #Grammys. Not sure what they have to do with music.

||| Sport person is attempting to salsa dance. “Can we mute the visuals for a minute?” – PyxisMag’s Will

||| Best Rock Performance – of course Grammys pick the most dated band of the nominees, the Foos. Gee, sorry Radiohead, Mumford, Coldplay, etc.

||| At least Butch Vig’s still kickin’. Great producer.

||| Ha Ryan Seacrest just made a subtle Beach Boys reference before the Beach Boys performance. Oh, wait, there’s another one!

||| Maroon 5’s Adam Levine takes time out from coaching The Voice to channel Brian Wilson’s vocals on “Surfer Girl.” Not bad.

||| Foster the People! On the #Grammys! “Wouldn’t It Be Nice” – why yes, it is.

||| Yes, FTP are the same band who brought you “Pumped Up Kicks.”

||| Coldplay just gave Foster the People a standing ovation. Love it when good bands support other good bands.

||| And now, the actual Beach Boys. Complete with (excellent songwriter) Brian Wilson, for the first time in 20 years.

||| Mark Foster and Adam Levine look a bit freaked out to be singing on stage with the Beach Boys. Heh.

||| Hi new followers – welcome to our Grammys live-Tweet! Visit us at Pyxismag.com, too, where we cover all the best smart indie-rock.

||| Stevie Wonder just played the cool harmonica riff to The Beatles’ “Love Me Do.” Stevie Wonder also does not appear to be aging.

||| Our favourite Beatle! Shake that moptop, Sir Paul McCartney

||| McCartney is doing a rather lounge-y version of his new song, “My Valentine.” A bit corny, but charming, as Sir Paul always is

||| Please button up your shirt, Chris Brown.

||| Best R&B Album – See, Chris Brown? Now you’ve won and you have to walk up there all unprepared and disheveled.

||| The Civil Wars singing standout harmonies to introduce Taylor Swift. Again, country’s not our thing, but they’re all definitely talented.

||| How do you rock out on a banjo? Apparently Taylor Swift knows how.

||| Interesting Litte House on the Prairie ambiance going on for the Taylor Swift performance. Why you gotta be so mean?

||| Commercial time

||| Our staff is suggesting we do our own commercial. We’ll just stick to this: c’mon and visit us at PyxisMag.com (on Facebook too!)

||| Song of the Year – Mumford, Bruno Mars, Bon Iver, Adele nominated – and the winner is – Adele!

||| Katy Perry taking the stage to perform.

||| We’ve time-travelled to the ’80s and Katy Perry is singing to a giant ice statue. Oh, now there’s fire. Could be a problem.

||| Squeakiest Speaking Voice in Country Music: Miranda Lambert.

||| Best Country Album – Lady Antebellum’s “Own the Night”

|||  Hm, LL Cool J is ‘hosting’ the CBS commercials, too. Tie-in much?

||| PyxisMag’s Will just pointed out that LL has a new CBS TV show. That explains it.

||| Gwyneth Paltrow sang with Cee-Lo last year, and is back (on Chris Martin’s invisible arm, of course) to introduce Adele.

||| Adele on stage! Just started “Rolling in the Deep” beautifully acapella and perfectly on pitch. You go, girl.

||| Well-deserved standing ovation for Adele!

||| So we’re discussing the eternal Grammy question of why they only feature a few relevant, current performers each year. Anyone? Bueller?

||| We’re back, with Taylor Swift introducing a tribute to Glen Campbell.

||| The singer for The Band Perry appears to be wearing a giant skirt made out of recycled-paper coffee filters.

||| Adam Levine’s fellow The Voice coach Blake Shelton onstage now singing a Glen Campbell song.

||| Glen Campbell himself performing “Rhinestone Cowboy”

||| Lady Gaga has caged her face in. We’re wondering which part of it she thought would escape.

||| Groovy oldster Tony Bennett and Carrie Underwood duet and then announce nominees for Best New Artist.

||| Best New Artist – Bon Iver! Hoorah! (They’re not technically ‘new,’ but…)

||| And now, a friendly plug from NARAS and the Grammy Awards about how wonderful NARAS and the Grammy Awards are.

||| In Memoriam: Steve Jobs, Amy Winehouse, Gerard Smith (TV on the Radio), Whitney Houston, among others, all too many.

||| Jennifer Hudson singing what was perhaps Whitney Houston’s biggest song. Don’t know how she’s managing not to cry. So sad.

||| #Grammys are scared of Foo, David Guetta, and the always-entertaining Deadmau5, so have plopped them outside in a tent in the parking lot.

||| Hm, L’il Wayne’s there, too. Okay, he might be a little scary.

||| Erhm – what, exactly, do the Foo Fighters have to do with a dance/electronica tribute set?

||| Nicki Minaj is a strange, strange person. Next!

||| We escaped to the office kitchen. Is the Nicki Minaj thing over yet?

||| Gimmicks much?

||| Record of the Year nominees – Adele, Bon Iver, Bruno Mars, Mumford and Sons, and Katy Perry. Winner – Adele! What a night for her!

||| LL looks like an old-fashioned newsboy in a tux.

||| Producer of the Year just went (very quickly) to Adele/Cee Lo/Florence and the Machine collaborator Paul Epworth.

||| Album of the Year – Adele’s “21”! She’s finally shedding a few tears, her whole production team looks very proud of her. So nice.

||| LL just called Paul McCartney his “homie.”

||| Paul sings “Golden Slumbers”/”Carry That Weight”/”The End.” Beatles awesomeness.

||| Is Paul McCartney really almost 70? Insane. We want to be that energetic when we’re 70.

||| And that’s all, folks! Adele was the big winner of the night, snagging all 6 wins of her 6 nominations.

||| Hope you enjoyed our live-Tweet of the 2012 Grammys – see you over at PyxisMag.com and on Facebook! Thank you, goodnight!  #Grammys