2013 Grammy Recap Feb10

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2013 Grammy Recap

8:00 PM | CBS TV | The 55th Annual Grammy Awards

||| We’re live-Tweeting the Grammys here at Pyxis Mag, complete with popcorn and Aranciata sodas! (www.pyxismag.com) Here we go…

||| The stage looks like a circus, and apparently Taylor Swift is the ringmaster (ringmistress?)

||| Taylor’s busy opening the Grammy awards, boys, so she’s too busy for you. Sorry.

||| LL Cool J is back as Grammy host. And he just called Taylor Swift T-Swizzle. We don’t really picture them hanging out, but okay.

||| LL is getting all emotive and stuff.

||| Second performance of the night – Elton John playing piano for Ed Sheeran. We’ll guess that Ed Sheeran is freaking out a bit right now.

||| Well done, Elton and Ed! (“The A Team”)

||| A commercial already?? Sheesh.

||| Not a whole lot has happened – yet – but we’re live-Tweeting the Grammy awards tonight!  Stick with us and feel free to chime in!

||| J. Lo onstage with Pitbull to announce an award. Hope she remembered the envelope, since she forgot the right half of her dress.

||| Winner – Pop Solo Performance – Adele’s “Set Fire to the Rain”!  We’re Adele fans here, so hoorah!

||| PyxisMag interviewees fun. are onstage now singing “Carry On” – and they’ve got SIX nominations tonight! Congrats, boys!

||| They’re dropping something onto the band – is that water? Water?! With electronics everywhere? That’s not safe!

||| And now that the band’s nearly been electrocuted, we’ll go on with the show. (“Well now, that’s not ‘fun’,” PyxisMag’s Will says.)

||| Commercial time – a perfect opportunity to read our PyxisMag interview with fun. !

||| Is the red-haired lady John Mayer’s new girlfriend? Hope they don’t run into Taylor Swift.

||| Dierks Bentley and Miranda Lambert represent for the country music crowd. Bentley sounds like he’s in pain.

||| “When country music’s bad, it’s really, really bad,” PyxisMag’s Will says.

||| Who’s idea was it to team up Miguel and Wiz Khalifa? This is just kind of weird and… weird.

||| They just played the clip of Dierks Bentley’s nominated song – Auto-Tune much? He didn’t sound that good live five minutes ago.

||| Carrie Underwood won Best Country Solo. We were hoping it would be Shelton, both for talent and cause he’s so nice on The Voice.

||| We must mention that the strings of lights look quite nice in the Staples Centre. They’d also look nice in our PyxisMag offices.

||| All hail Dick Clark!  RIP, sir.

||| Faith Hill and Tim McGraw are onstage together to announce Song of the Year nominations…

||| … Ed Sheeran, Miguel, Carly Rae, Kelly Clarkson, and fun.

||| fun. won Song of the Year! Congrats again, boys! Knew you had something special when we interviewed you back in August!

||| Heh – fun. just randomly thanked Jay-Z, and Jay shouted “You’re welcome!” from the audience.

||| Johnny Depp, masquerading as a gypsy or channeling Jack Sparrow or… well, something… introduces the terrific Mumford and Sons.

||| Powerful rendition of Mumford’s “I Will Wait” – no Auto-Tune here, thankyouverymuch!

||| Taylor Swift in the audience singing along to Mumford and Sons. Hey, look, there’s Sting, too!

||| Sorry – Mr. AND Mrs. Sting.

||| We get that the Grammys are a high-profile event. But do we really need to be subjected to THIS many commercials?

||| Justin Timberlake is apparently too cool for colour TV. Or our tv is broken.

||| If you’re going to attempt a big comeback, it should probably be with a track far less generic sounding than this one. Just sayin’.

||| We’re bored. Time to make more popcorn. Brb.

||| PyxisMag would like to thank our staffer Will for popping the popcorn spectacularly.

||| Dave Grohl and Wednesday Addams announce previously-awarded Producer of the Year award for the Black Keys’ Dan Auerbach.

||| … and also pass along the award for Best Rock Performance to The Black Keys (who are rocking the black leather) for “Lonely Boy.”

||| Maroon 5 is paired up with Alicia Keys – huh? Is someone just throwing musicians into a top hat and picking out two at a time?

||| Adam Levine sings “Girl on Fire” better and less nasally than Alicia Keys does. Heh.

||| Adam Levine also has branded First Act guitars with his face on him at Wal-Mart. Alicia Keys doesn’t. So there.

||| Best Pop Vocal Album – announced by Keith Urban and some squeaky blonde actress goes to Kelly Clarkson’s “Stronger”


||| Do we have to see/hear Rihanna every year at the Grammys? Just asking.

||| Dear Rihanna. You’re no Adele. Sincerely, Pyxis Magazine.

||| I think Rihanna fell asleep at the end of her song. We all did.

||| Best Rap/Sung Collaboration: erhm, whoever just won was too long to fit into a tweet.

||| Lifetime Achievement Awards: Glenn Gould, Charlie Haden, Lightnin’ Hopkins, Carole King, Patti Page, Ravi Shankar, The Temptations

||| And now, ladies, germs, and New Orleans – introducing Dr. John, the Preservation Hall Jazz Band, and The Black Keys.

||| A rollicking “Lonely Boy,” complete with a snazzy horn section, just livened up the joint, as they say.

||| Kelly Clarkson honouring Patti Page and Carole King with two of the ladies’ biggest hits – spare and nicely performed.

||| And Best Country Album goes to the Zac Brown Band for “Uncaged.”

||| A tribute to Bob Marley – Bruno Mars and Sting!

||| Sting’s all, “I eat songs like this for breakfast!”

||| Now Mars and Sting are singing The Police’s “Walking on the Moon” – does it get much cooler than this? We think not!

||| Rihanna AGAIN? Who’s she bribing to get on stage this much? At least the rest of Marley’s “Could You Be Loved” is super fun.

||| Commercial observation: there appears to be a Bieber wannabe named Hunter set to “take over your world” (with the help of Pepsi) this summer

||| Best New Artist nominees The Lumineers perform “Ho Hey.” People in the audience look like they’re barking as they sing along.

||| The Lumineers introduce Jack White, who appears to have borrowed his suit from Wilco’s 2008 tour.

||| Oh boy, Jack White – where the heck did that guitar go flying to? Hope the front row ducked.

||| What on earth is Katy Perry talking about? Eyelashes what?

||| Aaaaaand the Grammys 2013 Best New Artist is: fun.!

||| Oh – this Hunter person from the Pepsi commercial is at the Grammys, too. Look out, Bieber.

||| The Hunter person introduces Carrie Underwood, who’s wearing a giant dress made of folded tinfoil.

||| Carrie Underwood’s dress is being possessed by aliens!!

||| Ha! Nice Carrie Underwood tweet, Paste Magazine – dare we say that cool magazines think alike?

||| Prince? Sorry, not familiar. Of what country?

||| This Prince fellow looks like he’s either going to vomit or punch someone.

||| Record of the Year won by Gotye, who offered up a gracious winner speech. With Prince Whomever lurking in the background.

||| PyxisMag’s Will, from the other room during the commercial: “What the hell is that?” “Beyonce.” “Oh.”

||| Uh, no, sorry, PyxisMag’s Shaun – neither Queen nor Robert Plant won anything this year.

||| Great jazz tribute to Dave Brubeck – “Take Five” never gets old.

||| Ryan Seacrest looks uncomfortable. There’s no Simon Cowell here for him to pick on.

||| And to add to the awkwardness, some Grammy exec, plus Seacrest, plus Justin Timberlake. It’s like a primary school assembly.

||| Supporting music education is important though. We approve.

||| In Memoriam. Another year past, another lineup of talented musicians no longer with us. RIP.

||| Tribute to the departed – Elton John, Zac Brown, Mumford and Sons, loads of musicians on stage…

||| Would it be inappropriate when there are this many people crammed on stage, to put little avatar nametags above their heads?

||| Colombian solo artist Juanes onstage doing a nervously-acoustic but heartfelt version of Elton John’s “Your Song.”

||| A funny Adele in a pretty gypsy-print dress announces Album of the Year nominees – and the winner is: Mumford and Sons!

||| Congrats, Mumford and Sons! Aw – and they appear to be pals with Adele. Brit power!

||| Did they rehearse? LL Cool J, Chuck D, Tom Morello, and Travis Barker are just… kind of a mess. We missed @DowntonAbbey for this?

||| We did dig the MCA shout-out on the two seconds of “No Sleep ‘Till Brooklyn” though. RIP Adam Yauch.

||| And that wraps up our Grammy tweets for this year!  PyxisMag interviewees fun. snagged both Song of the Year and Best New Artist…

||| … and our fave performances included Bruno Mars and Sting, Mumford, Ed Sheeran, and Carrie Underwood’s dress.

||| Catch up with the highlighted artists at @BrunoMars, @OfficialSting, @mumfordandsons, @edsheeran, @OfficialAdele, @CarrieUnderwood.

||| Hope you had fun with our live-Tweet of the 2013 Grammys – see you at PyxisMag.com and on Facebook! Thank you, goodnight!